We Will Treat Your Pets Like Our Own

belly rub boulevard llc

In Your Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking     & Basic Training 


Belly Rub Boulevard LLC is owned by Shelby and Jess. Both are also the only pet sitters/dog walkers for our company! Jess has been working with animals her whole life and always knew she wanted a career in woking with animals! From working in kennels, to watching neighbors pets, to having pets of her own, Jess is accepting of all animals. Shelby always grew up with pets and loved going to her friends house to play with their pets! Shelby has always had a love and passion for animals.

Belly Rub Boulevard LLC gives a personal experience with every client! We do whatever we can to make our stay with your pets as comfortable as possible. We try to keep routines as close to normal as we can!

Have an anxious or shy pup? no worries! We have plenty of experience on how to work with all sorts of needs! We have one ourselves which is what made us start our wonderful busniess!

Our Fur Babies

Meet Our Fur Babies!

Bruce Wayne is a Pit Bull and about 6 years old. He was rescued from Taylor Animal Shelter in 2015. Bruce loves to play outside and would snuggle all day on the couch under blankets if he could. Clark Kent is a Chug (chihuahua/pug mix). Clark is about 4 years old. He enjoys playing with his "fuzz" and chasing Bruce through the yard. Peter Parker is a pug who is about 4 years old. Peter enjoys sunbathing and treats and food like most pugs! Frankie is the only female pet in the house and she knows it! She enjoys chasing us through the house begging for treats! Steven is the wild kitty! He enjoys play tackling the dogs. He is also is a very cuddly guy!

About Us

How We Got Started 

In 2016, Jess's father had a tragic accident at work and lost his life. Jess was looking for a job that was flexible and she could make her own hours while grieving the loss of her father. Jess signed up for Rover. She was getting so many messages she couldn't keep up alone, however the "job" was so therpautic for her, she knew she didnt want to stop! Jess had asked Shelby if she was interested in starting a business! Without hesitation, Shelby agreed. Mid October of 2017, they applied for their buiness liscense and couldn't be happier with their decision to do so!

We Will Treat Your Pets Like Our Own!